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Syn-Apps' Certified Endpoint Program

About the Program:

Syn-Apps' Certified Endpoint Program is designed to make interoperability more readily accessible to manufactures, customers, and channel resellers alike by creating new network-enabled notification endpoints leveraging Syn-Apps’ royalty-free, open API.

The program helps to facilitate innovation and growth between Syn-Apps and IoT hardware manufacturers, provides mutual customers with freedom of choice, while furthering our global footprint.

IP Hardware Intergrations:

IoT manufacturers participate in the program by integrating Syn-Apps’ API and testing their hardware for interoperability with Syn-Apps' notification software. Use of the API is free of charge to IoT endpoint manufactures and carries a small fee for mass notification providers that integrate Syn-Apps’ API into their own solutions, allowing them to leverage the growing ecosystem of Syn-Apps’ certified IoT devices. Our Certified Endpoint Partners are actively working to test and certify their devices.

Certified Endpoint Partners

 Program Details

Partners interested in certifying hardware with Syn-Apps' API Interoperability must meet the following criteria:

  • Long-term interest in developing communication solutions compatible with Syn-Apps' software
  • Experience developing and marketing industry-leading SIP & IP communication hardware
  • Ability to achieve and maintain technical API-interoperability program requirements for all IP devices manufactured
  • Agree not to pay any competitor royalty fees for devices sold containing Syn-Apps' API
  • Maintain up-to-date device interoperability certification

Partners must follow the following steps to submit a device for API Interoperability testing with Syn-Apps' software:

  • Meet the criteria above and be accepted into the Certified Endpoint Program
  • Maintain and uphold to necessary program agreements
  • Complete internal API-testing and return test results for final Syn-Apps testing
  • Obtain final testing approval from Syn-Apps Development Team

After interoperability testing has been completed by both parties, Certified Partners must provide the following:

  • Maintain a dedicated webpage for interoperable products with Syn-Apps' API, including support information, technical documentation, and information on how to purchase
  • Routinely test product(s) within 1.x major version release to ensure interoperability
  • Create and maintain quick-start configuration documentation for mutual customers
  • Complete and submit internal API-testing
  • Obtain final testing approval from Syn-Apps Development Team

Interested in becoming a Certified Endpoint Partner?

To learn more about becoming a Certified Endpoint Partner, please complete the application form:


Certified Endpoint Partners

Adaptive Micro Systems

Adaptive Micro Systems LLC

Founded in 1978, Adaptive Micro Systems LLC is a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor display solutions. Adaptive Emergency LED Displays are an important component of any multi-modal emergency notification plan and supports NFPA 72 guidelines for visual notification.


Advanced Network Devices

Advanced Network Devices

Advanced Network Devices, an early developer of Power over Ethernet communication devices, designs and sells sophisticated multi-media products. Equipped with a rich engineering pool and world-class video and audio technology, AND mass notification messaging devices are widely deployed in markets such as education, healthcare, government and defense. AND provides best-in-class IP Speaker / IP Clock PoE products in the industry.



Algo Communication Products Ltd

Algo is a veteran telephony product manufacturer and the emerging leader in SIP endpoint solutions with millions of hardware devices installed globally. Today the company offers a range of award-winning SIP and analog notification, voice paging, and intercom solutions specifically designed to integrate with legacy telephone systems, premised-based Unified Communication (UC) servers, and hosted VoIP services.

Together with Syn-Apps, the versatile wideband IP paging speakers and LED IP strobe lights can also be deployed for mass notification applications with exceptional voice clarity and conspicuity.


Atlas IED


AtlasIED has been a leader in commercial sound since 1934 and in that time has served numerous markets including hospitality, industrial, government, transportation, education, healthcare, corporate, retail, entertainment, house of worship, live music, and recreation. Atlas today is much more than just a speaker company; it is a communications technology innovator that provides solutions for much more than basic public announcements and music. Atlas solutions include fully scalable and redundant Mass Notification and Evacuation Communication (MNEC) systems, life safety, speech privacy and HIPPA compliance, scalable single and multi-campus IP based communication systems, and improved in classroom learning environments.



LRAD Corporation

LRAD® Corporation is a global leader in long range voice broadcast systems, advanced mass notification and distributed recipient solutions.



Pro-Lite is recognized as the worldwide leader in LED illuminated signage and electronic scrolling messaging products, due to it's technological innovation, continual design advances and high quality manufacturing.




Since 1977, Valcom has been providing the highest quality loudspeaker paging and telecommunication system enhancement intercom products.  For nearly 20 years, Valcom has supported IP loudspeaker paging to thousands of customers including large corporations, universities, State and Local governments, the military and smaller companies that have widely spread operations.