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Syn-Apps Revolution

Emergency Alerts, Mass Notification, & Advanced IP Paging
for Cisco CUCM


Emergency Alerts, Mass Notification, and Advanced IP Paging for Cisco CUCM

Keep your personnel informed before, during, and after situations occur with Syn-Apps' Revolution Emergency Mass Notification Platform.

Key Features:


Seamless Notification Management - Streamlining communication systems with Revolution allows customers more time to asses the impact of a situation, evaluate its risks, develop strategic action plans, and refine processes for future situations, rather than spending precious time managing notifications across disparate systems.

Infinite Notification Groups - Revolution serves as a single-point of activation for Cisco customers to manage notifications across disparate systems.

Scalable to Support ≥ 500 Cisco Phones - Simultaneously paging be 500+ Cisco phones.

No Boundaries - Activate an unlimited number of live, pre-recorded, and scheduled notifications from the Revolution GUI, IP Phones, Syn-Apps' Paging Relay, Desktop Notification Client, Revolution Mobile App, and more!

Custom Templates - Dramatically reduce activation time and eliminate human error with unlimited notification groups and custom templates used to alert personnel during different scenarios.

Automated Notifications - Reduce notification management work by planning ahead with Revolution's Scheduler tool.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports unicast and multicast - No extra hardware required
  • User-friendly interface
  • Save money - leverage existing network infrastructure
  • Scalable beyond 22,000+ endpoints
  • Supports 40+ device types for multi-modal alerting
  • On- and off-premise alerting
  • Supports fault tolerance and redundancy
  • Automated NOAA Weather Alerts , IPAWS EAS, & AMBER Alerts
  • Real-time reporting and analytics tools
  • Localized alerts


Revolution Notification Platform integrates with industry-leading IP endpoints and third-party services:

  • IP Phones & Speakers
  • Analog Devices
  • Syn-Apps' Paging Relay
  • iOS & Android Devices
  • Desktop Computers
  • Panic Buttons
  • Bells, Beacons, and Strobes
  • Contact Closures
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Text-To-Speech Services
  • Third Party Mass Notification Services

One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.

Emergency Alerts

Keep personnel safe & informed during lockdowns, severe weather, or when other emergencies strike

Routine Communication

Dispatch real-time and scheduled announcements - including custom audio & visual notifications delivered right to Cisco IP phones & configured endpoints

Cisco IP Paging

Unified, scalable solution for advanced IP paging to an UNLIMITED number of Cisco IP phones, plus simultaneously alert additional endpoints like IP speakers, desktops, and analog systems!

Mobile Alerts

Alert personnel on & off-premise via Revolution Mobile App for iOS & Android devices.
Revolution Weather Alert delivered to Cisco DX 650 Phone
Revolution Notification Software for Cisco CUCM

Cisco Preferred Solution Technology Partner

About the program:

Since 2001, Syn-Apps has been a member of Cisco's Preferred Solution Partner program—an elite program that enables third-party developers like Syn-Apps to design business solutions interoperable with Cisco products *.

Syn-Apps’ Revolution notification software is compliance-tested to support CUCM and compatible with XML-enabled IP phones and select DX phone models.

*All IP endpoints shipped from Cisco's Solution Plus Program (CSPS) are compatible with Syn-Apps' next-generation platform, Revolution and Syn-Apps' legacy software, SA-Announce.


Compatibility Details

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Extend Your Notification Reach

Deliver audio/visual from Revolution or Syn-Apps' legacy software (SA-Announce) to DX650, DX70, and DX80 Android phones, as well as any XML-enabled Cisco phone.


Scalable Solutions
  • Compatible with CUCM 8.X - 12.x
  • G.711 Audio Codec



      See it in action!

    When a critical situation arises, how prepared is your organization to get the right message to the right people, at the right time?

    Take a few minutes to view the overview video to learn how Revolution can help your organization streamline communication processes and improve operational preparedness.



    Featured Case Study | Rochelle Community Hospital

    Rochelle Community Hospital, located in Rochelle, Illinois, has used Syn-Apps’ software since 2012 to enhance network communications.

    “Some members of our organization need to be alerted when a certain number is called, so this [CallAlert] allows us to easily notify that person. It always allows us to track numbers for diagnosing issues users may have.”

    Read the full case study:


    View All Case Studies:



    We needed a notification solution that directly tied into our Call Manager to send notifications to IP phones, as well as Atlas IP speakers and clocks located throughout the building. Syn-Apps' SA-Announce exceeded our requirements.

    Julius Blakeny, Technology Manager, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

    We are very happy with SA-Announce. We have SA-Announce tied into our panic button system so that if a panic button is pushed within City Hall, an alert is sent to all phones in City Hall, computers in Dispatch, and MDCs in all squad cars.

    Joseph Wenninger, Information Sytems Director, City of Neenah

    We’ve being using SA-Announce for five years. We use it for several things, primarily, everyday paging to endpoints across multiple locations, such as all office phones and warehouses, emergency announcements, and most recently, for scheduled pages to signal breaks.

    Craig Ponto, Network Administrator, Zero-Zone


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