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App-Pendix | Global Directory Software


How easily can you search and filter through contacts across your entire organization? Get in touch with the right person within a matter of seconds with Syn-Apps' App-Pendix global directory software.

App-Pendix is a directory system for Cisco CUCM Call Manager. It consolidates IP phone directories and makes them accessible to all Cisco XML-enabled phones. With App-Pendix, you can create a global directory, available to all phones, regardless of the CUCM cluster configuration.

Key Features:

Predictive Directories - T9-like search model returns instant results after the press of each button, enabling users to quickly find the contact they are searching for across the organization

Contact Cards Display - Search for contacts across your organization right from your Cisco phone. Admins can control the type of information end-users can see by customizing the Contact Cards with pertinent contact information such as:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • Phone Number(s)
  • E-Mail

Location & Site Search Capabilities - Allow users to search for contacts within your organization by location and address. In addition, your admins can configure unique Site Codes that allow personnel to search for users within a menu of pre-defined Site Codes

Multi-Cluster & Inter-Cluster Dialing - Configurable to support multiple CUCM Clusters - making contacts available in a global directory at the tip of your fingertips, across your entire organization! App-Pendix also supports Cross-Cluster Prefixing for Multi-Cluster global directories for inter-cluster dialing

Simple Configuration - Import user data from one or more Active Directory data sources & use LDAP Data Source Filters to match specific LDAP search paths. Administrators can dynamically assign tenant users using a filter in the web UI - easing contact management for personnel or even eliminating it all together!


Simple Directory Solution

Technical Details:

Since 2001, Syn-Apps has been a member of Cisco's Preferred Solution Partner program—an elite program that enables third-party developers like Syn-Apps to design business solutions interoperable with Cisco products.

Syn-Apps’ App-Pendix global directory call software is compliance-tested and compatible with Cisco CUCM Call Manager and XML-enabled Cisco IP Phones.


Compatibility Details

App-Pendix delivers audio/visual notifications to any XML-enabled Cisco IP Phone


Compatible with CUCM 7.x - 10.x



  See it in action!

Quickly search for contacts directly from your Cisco IP phone using the predictable T-9 search feature. Results are returned instantly with contact cards displayed right on your Cisco phone.



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