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Syn-Apps IM Notifier

Syn-Apps IM | Instant Messaging Solution


Get in touch with the right person within a matter of seconds with Syn-Apps' IM Notifier.

Syn-Apps IM extends the power of SA-Announce by delivering notifications to Cisco Jabber or Google Hangouts instant messaging clients. Recipients receive text, as well as links to audio alerts sent from SA-Announce, delivered right to IM clients running on their desktop or mobile devices.

Key Features:

On & Off-Premise Communication - Syn-Apps IM breaks communication boundaries by empowering organizations with the ability to communicate with personnel outside of the network. When a situation strikes, Syn-Apps IM rapidly relays critical information directly to registered instant messaging clients.

    On-Premise Alerting – Deliver alerts to recipients on their desktop instant messaging clients. Ideal solution for targeting stationary recipients working the "9-to-5" desk jobs!
    Off-Premise Alerting – Users that have Cisco Jabber or Google Hangouts installed on their mobile devices can receive notifications - regardless of their physical location!

Effective Alerts - Notifications can include both audio and visual content to help ensure you grab the attention of targeted recipients with Syn-Apps IM alerts!

Unlimited Notifications - Send UNLIMITED notifications to infinite IM users for a low-cost, annual subscription fee.

Instant Messaging Alerts

Google Hangouts

Cisco Jabber


Yes, we're multi-platform.

Syn-Apps is proud to support our notification solutions on a variety of UC systems. Whether alerting one individual of an isolated situation, or thousands of people of an emergency, we understand that reliable communication is critical to your organization. Regardless of your communication system today, Syn-Apps will be there to support your notification needs tomorrow. Select your system below to learn how Syn-Apps' solutions can be utilized in your environment.


  • DevConnect Technology Partner since 2013
  • Integration Protocol – SIP


  • Preferred Solution Partner since 2001
  • Integration Protocol – SIP


  • Innovation Network Member since 2009
  • Integration Protocol - SIP


  • Compatible with multiple SIP-PBX call control systems
  • Integration Protocol - SIP

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