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Twilio Text-to-Speech

Twilio TTS Notifier


Syn-Apps' Twilio Notifier provides customers a low-cost text-to-speech utility powered by Twilio's text-to-speech service. Help ensure your recipients hear what you're telling them with TTS notifications. Whether your users are on campus, at home, in the office, or en-route to a destination, you can keep them informed with audible notifications powered by Syn-Apps' Twilio TTS Notifier.

What's TTS?

TTS (text-to-speech) technology translates text into computer-generated audio broadcasts.

How it Works:

Syn-Apps' TTS Notifier integrates with Twilio's TTS service through an API. Once configured, Syn-Apps' TTS Notifier sends SA-Announce text notifications to external devices configured within your Twilio account.

Twilio receives the notification, translates the text, and then places an outbound call to external devices, such as home, office, or mobile phones. When the recipient answers the call, Twilio plays the translated audio notification for the customer to listen to.

Key Features:

Off-Premise Communication - Text-to-Speech technology helps break communication barriers by delivering audible notifications to targeted recipients either on or off-premise. When a situation strikes, Syn-Apps Twilio Notifier rapidly relays critical information directly to registered recipients.

Effective Alerts - Text-to-Speech technology is a great notification alternative for those that have reading challenges or notifying the visually impaired.

Optimize Your Network - Twilio uses its own phone service for outbound calling, so your network calls won't be backed up trying to send TTS alerts - a key benefit to rapid communication!

Cost Effective - Syn-Apps' TTS Notifier is a Cloud Services product, which provides an extension to SA-Announce and is available for a low-cost subscription fee.

Text to Speech

Yes, we're multi-platform.

Syn-Apps is proud to support our notification solutions on a variety of UC systems. Whether alerting one individual of an isolated situation, or thousands of people of an emergency, we understand that reliable communication is critical to your organization. Regardless of your communication system today, Syn-Apps will be there to support your notification needs tomorrow. Select your system below to learn how Syn-Apps' solutions can be utilized in your environment.


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