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Syn-Apps' Education Solutions

K-12 & Higher Education

Syn-Apps' solutions for Education provide secure and efficient communication to teachers, staff and students in K-12 & Higher Education environments. Our solution enhances physical security while improving day-to-day campus and office communication through advanced alerting, bell tones, scheduled announcements, intercoms, and clocks – all leveraging your existing network infrastructure.



Government & Public Sector

Syn-Apps' Government solutions help improve the safety of civilian and government personnel, enhance cross-jurisdictional notification while reducing communication costs.

Our solution improves physical security and daily communication by offering agencies and departments advanced paging and alerting, threat notification, and emergency response capabilities – all leveraging your current network investment.


Syn-Apps' Government Solutions
Syn-Apps' Healthcare Solutions


Optimize communication between doctors, patients, staff, and visitors to deliver improved care while reducing communication costs.

Our solutions help to enhance building security, emergency contingency plans, and improves daily communication by offering hospitals and healthcare organizations advanced paging, patient and family notifications, and emergency response capabilities – all leveraging your current network investment.




Scalable solutions for routine and emergency communication across corporate and enterprise organizations. Increase employee safety and reduce information silos between departments and offices while reducing communication costs.

Protect personnel and alert security with discrete notifications triggered by panic buttons, schedule routine announcements to reduce time-consuming management costs, monitor incoming and outgoing calls across your network, improve customer service by integrating IVR systems, broadcast mass notifications across departments and campuses for streamlined communication and more with solutions powered by Syn-Apps.


Syn-Apps' Corporate Solutions
Syn-Apps' Retail Solutions


Streamline communication across your store(s) to quickly reach the right person, in the right department, at the right time. Improve customer service and employee productivity by providing an excellent customer experience with solutions powered by Syn-Apps. Syn-Apps’ notification solutions provide in-store paging, overhead sales announcements, simplified scheduling, call monitoring, emergency alerting, and more for all communication needs.



Industrial & Manufacturing

Keep plant workers, supervisors, and visitors informed and protected at all times with solutions powered by Syn-Apps. Maintain facility safety standards and regulations, while also enabling employee efficiency with communication solutions. Keep personnel informed by integrating Syn-Apps' notification software with phones, emergency shut-off stations, alarm panels, beacons & strobes, temperature sensors, gas sensors, and more!


Syn-Apps' Industrial & Manufacturing Solutions