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Utilizing Notification Software Reporting and Analytics for Healthcare Facilities

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The new release of SA-Announce includes Reporting and Analytics! Given the hectic day-to-day in healthcare, SA-Announce 9.0.12 provides administrators with the ability to save time by generating meaningful data in relation to the usage of the notification system. Detailed reports display notification group configuration and system user data, thus providing a high-level overview of the configured notification groups and user permissions. The reports can now be exported in various formats to retain information for archiving purposes and ROI validation.

In addition to the Reporting feature, SA-Announce now offers a diagnostic Analytics engine. With this optional feature, system administrators can view all notification activity including both on and off premise services. Want to confirm that all hospital personnel received a Code Blue alert? By simply accessing the user interface, detailed information including; group name, activation date and time, the notification initiator, and associated endpoint data can easily be retrieved. Analytic reports can also be exported in multiple formats for further analysis and record-keeping purposes. With the continued expansion of the integration capabilities of SA-Announce, Syn-Apps remains ahead of the competition with a feature rich and cost-effective notification solution for any healthcare environment.