Paging & Daily

Streamlined mass communications for
daily announcements, in-building paging,
bell scheduling, and mobile push


Are you ready when an
emergency strikes?

Receive & Generate CAP Alerts




Syn-Apps Paging Relay

Eliminate bandwidth-intensive unicast streams across the WAN with Syn-Apps' Paging Relay. This PoE network appliance provides multiple features, including unicast-to-multicast conversion, integration with analog systems, alarm panels, IP systems, and more!

- Failover Paging
- Contact Closures
- Background Music
- Music-on-Hold
- Night Ringer
- Patented Unicast-to-Multicast Conversion


Emergency Alerting

Scalable solutions for all critical communications
throughout your organization.

Emergency Alerting

Keep personnel safe & informed when emergencies strike

Cloud Services

Communicate with personnel on and off-premise with Syn-Apps Cloud Services

Streamlined Network

Patented technology providing customers Unicast-to-Multicast conversion and more - saving time & money!

Call Alerting

Monitor network call traffic and instantly alert personnel when specific triggers occur

The responsiveness, courtesy, and professionalism of the team at Syn-Apps is beyond reproach, not to mention the excellent products they develop. I highly recommend Syn-Apps for advanced paging and notification solutions.

Jeff Barnett, Applications Engineer, Affiliated Communications

We are very happy with SA-Announce. We have SA-Announce tied into our panic button system so that if a panic button is pushed within City Hall, an alert is sent to all phones in City Hall, computers in Dispatch, and MDCs in all squad cars.

Joseph Wenninger, Information Sytems Director, City of Neenah

We’ve being using SA-Announce for five years. We use it for several things, primarily, everyday paging to endpoints across multiple locations, such as all office phones and warehouses, emergency announcements, and most recently, for scheduled pages to signal breaks.

Craig Ponto, Network Administrator, Zero Zone

Your support is better, smoother, and easier than anything I experience with Cisco, the other vendor I most often ask for support. Keep up the good work!

Fran Kosmacki, Goodwill of Southwestern PA




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