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Syn-Apps Email Activator

Email Activator

Email Activator helps eliminate lag time by automating the communication process to relay critical information to the appropriate people in a time-efficient manner, without relying on human interaction to monitor inboxes.

With Email Activator, you can:

  • Monitor multiple mailboxes and activate SA-Announce notifications to alert targeted end users
  • Set up filters to trigger notifications based on certain criteria – from a particular email address, or a particular subject, or keyword matches in the body of the email
  • Define fields from inbound emails to include within the notification:
    • Dynamic
      • Sender
      • Subject
      • Text within the email body
    • Static
      • Include custom static text in addition to specified content from the email
      • Override all content from the email and alert recipients with custom static text

Email Activator is currently compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft Exchange 2013, and Office 365 Web Service.

Syn-Apps Email Activator
Microsoft Exchange

Use Cases


Email Activator provides customers with the ability to monitor Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and activate notifications when incoming emails match pre-defined filters.

K-12 Scenario

January 25, 2016 4:42 AM EST – A water pipe has burst on the top floor of your elementary school building, causing significant structural damage deemed unsafe conditions for students and faculty. As the Superintendent of the school district, it is your responsibility to make quick judgement calls no matter where you are in relation to school grounds. You're off-premise and unable to activate a traditional SA-Announce notification, so how do you rapidly communicate your plan of action to faculty, parents, bus drivers, local news and radio stations, and other recipients that may be impacted?


In this example, the school can set up a mailbox and configure Email Activator to monitor inbound emails coming from a specific list of faculty with designated permissions regarding school closures or delays. When an email meeting pre-defined filters comes in, SA-Announce will trigger an alert to end users, notifying them of a closure or delay.

Manufacturing Scenario

May 24, 2014 10:51 AM PST – As a floor manager, you need to know when one of the factory machines malfunction. You spend most of your time in business meetings or on the factory floor - meaning you're not always at your desk to monitor your inbox. How can you stay on top of your important emails while you’re away from your desk?


In this example, plant managers can configure the software running the machines to send an email whenever a machine goes down. Email Activator can monitor an inbox for mail from specific addresses and activate an SA-Announce alert via digital signage, strobes, and overhead speakers on the plant floor, notifying managers that the machine needs to be serviced.

Email Activator

Yes, we're multi-platform.

Syn-Apps is proud to support our notification solutions on a variety of UC systems. Whether alerting one individual of an isolated situation, or thousands of people of an emergency, we understand that reliable communication is critical to your organization. Regardless of your communication system today, Syn-Apps will be there to support your notification needs tomorrow. Select your system below to learn how Syn-Apps' solutions can be utilized in your environment.


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