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Global Cache Notifier

Simplified Building Automation


Syn-Apps' Global Caché Notifier provides customers a cost-effective solution to smart building detection and automation. Control an UNLIMITED number of electronic devices by using the Global Caché Notifier for iTach contact closure devices and GC-100 Network Adapters.

With Syn-Apps' Global Caché Notifier, customers can automate and control building systems like light panels, fire doors, electrical appliances, and more using one notification platform to handle both communication and perform physical processes that would otherwise require physical manpower to handle.

When integrated with SA-Announce, the Global Caché Notifier enables organizations to control electronic devices via contact closures which provides one, unified notification system to manage and provides more time to asses the impact of a situation, evaluate its risks, develop strategic action plans, and refine processes for future situations.

Global Caché

How it Works

Administrators start by defining triggers and actions to take when specific criteria is met. Next, administrators choose which Global Caché device(s) should be included for the specific situation and how they should respond (enable or disable) using the Global Caché Notifier user interface.

Automation Example:

  • Trigger - A fire alarm is pulled in a building

  • Action - An SA-Announce fire notification group is activated and communicates to the assigned Global Caché devices

  • Automation Control - Finally, the Global Caché devices unlock all building doors via contact closures, helping to ensure no one is trapped inside of the building
  • Global Cache - How it Works
    Global Caché Model
    SA-Announce Compatible
    iTach WF2CC
    Global Caché iTach Global Caché's iTach WF2CC (WiFi to Contact Closure) model wirelessly connects and controls relay activated devices over a network and the internet. The iTach WiFi device removes the hassle of networking wires.
    iTach IP2CC & IP2CC-P
    ip2cc Global Caché's iTach IP2CC device provides wired TCP/IP connectivity to contact closure relay devices. The IP2CC-P device provides the same feature functionality as the IP2CC, but comes with PoE enabled. Both devices seamlessly connect, monitor, and control relay-activated devices over a network and the internet, providing flexible automation and control.
    GC 100 Network Adaptors
    GC-100 Network Adaptors The GC-100 Network Adapter connects a TCP/IP network to infrared (IR), serial and relay communications-including sensor inputs-that can work, interrupt, or be polled by another network device.

    Yes, we're multi-platform.

    Syn-Apps is proud to support our notification solutions on a variety of UC systems. Whether alerting one individual of an isolated situation, or thousands of people of an emergency, we understand that reliable communication is critical to your organization. Regardless of your communication system today, Syn-Apps will be there to support your notification needs tomorrow. Select your system below to learn how Syn-Apps' solutions can be utilized in your environment.


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