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Syn-Apps FAQs

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  • What is SA-Announce?
    • SA-Announce is Syn-Apps' legacy notification software that provides customers a centralized notification "platform," that is commonly used for paging, mass notification, and emergency alerts.

      Please note - Revolution Notification Platform is Syn-Apps' next-generation emergency mass notification software. For more information about Revolution, visit

    • SA-Announce serves as a single point-of-activation used to dispatch notifications across disparate systems — like IP phones, overhead speakers, or mobile clients — making it easier for organizations to quickly and efficiently notify personnel when situations occur.
    • Alerts are delivered in real-time, pre-recorded, and scheduled intervals.
    • For more information, visit

  • Is there a limit to the number of groups I can set up?
    • No, there is no limit to the number of groups you can create.


  • What are the minimum server requirements?
    • Microsoft .NET 4.5
    • Windows 2008 or 2012 Server
    • MSDE/SQL Server 2005/2008 (Express or above) - included with the software download
    • Microsoft IIS
    • 2G of system memory
    • Any dual-core processor
    • 32 or 64 bit
    • Physical or Virtual Server
    • Alternate option: SA-Announce OVA.

  • How long does it take to install?
    • The average customer install time is anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours.

  • Where do I go to download it?

  • Where do I go to download a free trial?
    • Click here to request a free trial of SA-Announce.

  • How often are there updates?
    • On average, there are two or three minor releases and one major release per year.

  • What is the update process like?
    • The update process is very simple using the Universal Installer. For more information on how to upgrade SA-Announce, click here.



  • How much does it costs?

  • Are Syn-Apps products listed on any State Procurement Contracts?

  • Does the cost include annual maintenance?
    • Yes. The first year of maintenance is included in the quote. Annual maintenance includes software upgrades and remote support assistance.

  • Do we sell internationally?
    • Yes. Software licenses are delivered via email. Hardware purchases (excluding the Paging Relay) that require overseas shipment will need to be sourced through the manufacturer’s distribution channel. All payments are required upfront, via credit card or wire transfer.


  • Do I need a license to activate my software?
    • Yes, you will need a license to activate software products like SA-Announce, CallAlert, App-Pendix, or RAI's CallReplay. Please contact Syn-Apps Sales to obtain a license.

  • Do I need a license to activate Cloud Services?
    • No, a physical license is not required, however a unique Cloud ID will be provided by Syn-Apps Sales. To activate the service, customers will be required to enter the Cloud ID during configuration.

  • How is the product licensed?
    • Perpetual Software Licenses — Traditional on-premise software like SA-Announce, CallAlert, and App-Pendix is licensed on a per-endpoint basis.
      • Licensed endpoints can consist of a mix & match of devices - ranging from IP phones, speakers, desktop clients, strobes, and more.
      • There is a minimum purchase requirement which varies per software application.
    • Subscription Licenses — Subscription licenses vary, depending on the Cloud Service. Some licenses simply activate an API service while other services charge per device.

  • Will my service stop working if my maintenance contract is expired?
    • Perpetual Software Licenses — Software like SA-Announce, CallAlert, and App-Pendix will continue to function as normal, however, you will not have access to product updates or receive technical support.
    • Subscription Licenses — Most Syn-Apps Cloud Services modules are subscription based and will become inactive if the service is not renewed.

  • How can I renew my maintenance?
    • Contact Syn-Apps Sales for maintenance renewals.
  • What are the server specs?
    • Every customer environment has different notification needs. Each software application may require different server specs to support your needs. Refer to our Documentation webpage for specific product details.

  • May we use our own server?
    • Yes, customers can supply their own server, provided it meets the minimum server requirements listed for each application.
    • Virtual Machines (VM) are also supported.

  • Do I need 2 GB or 4 GB RAM?
    • Server RAM varies depending on your usage of the software. Generally speaking, more is better.
  • What is a Paging Relay?
    • The Paging Relay is our patented hardware device that provides unicast to multicast support for paging across the WAN (wide area networks). This device also provides failover support when remote sites are configured for SRST, enabling live broadcasting capabilities beyond 500 Cisco phones, and unlimited overhead analog and IP speakers. This device also provides integration to single zone analog systems, the ability to stream background music and music-on-hold (MOH), night ringer, and contact/sense port closures.

  • How do I purchase the product?
    • Syn-Apps utilizes the Cisco/Avaya/ShoreTel partner channel. Therefore, customers will need to purchase Syn-Apps products through their preferred reseller. Companies interested in becoming a Syn-Apps reseller will need to complete our “Partner Documents” to establish an account.

  • What IP speakers do you support?
    • Syn-Apps supports Algo, AtlasIED, Valcom, and CyberData, and AND speakers.
    • Additionally, Algo, AtlasIED and Valcom are part of our Certified Endpoint Partner Program. To view their Syn-Apps certified products, click here.

  • Do you support unicast/multicast?
    • Yes, Syn-Apps supports both unicast and multicast. Our leading competitor does not support unicast environments.
  • What is paging?
    • In a nutshell, paging is a form of mass notification used to broadcast audible announcements in public locations, such as hallways, stadiums, terminals, shipyards, break rooms, and more. It can be used to enhance day-to-day communication or provide vital instructions during emergency scenarios.

  • What is paging used for?
    • One-way Paging — Broadcasting audible announcements to single or multiple devices like indoor and outdoor analog or IP speakers, IP phones, and desktops.
    • Two-way Paging — Facilitates two-way communication between two or more people located on-premise. Push-to-talk intercoms, PA systems, and speakers are commonly used for two-way paging. Notification software can be utilized to facilitate two-way paging between devices such as phone-to-phone and phone-to-speaker(s).

  • How can I utilize paging and notifications within my organization?
    • For information on paging and notification solutions specific to your industry, please visit our Solutions webpage.

  • How do other organizations use paging?
    • To see how a few of our customers utilize paging & notification solutions within their organization, please visit our Case Studies webpage.
  • Who is Syn-Apps?
    • Syn-Apps has been a pioneer in the niche paging and notification software market since 2001. Our solutions are utilized for emergency alerts, mass notification, in-building announcements, and off-premise communication. We help customers improve business processes, increase safety, and streamline communication across organizations.

      Thousands of customers around the world have deployed our notification solutions with their UC PBX systems, IP Phones, IP & Analog Speaker Systems, and hundreds of other internal systems and services.

  • What makes Syn-Apps unique?
    • Our flagship product, SA-Announce, is the only multi-platform notification solution on the market today that supports Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, and standards-based SIP PBX systems.
    • SA-Announce customers can simultaneously broadcast notifications to thousands of endpoints, like IP phones, mobile clients, IP and analog speakers, and more.
    • SA-Announce supports unicast or multicast environments, unlike our leading competitors’ software.
    • Our patented Paging Relay's most notable feature provides customers with unicast to multicast conversion. This technology significantly reduces bandwidth consumption across the WAN, ultimately driving down cost and hardware deployment.
    • Since we put our partners and customers first, we’re able to provide the best technical support in the industry!