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  • Enhanced Communication & Emergency Notification Essentials

    This webcast discusses how notification software can transform your UC system into a robust environment used for essential communication and emergency notification. You'll learn how to leverage existing technology, increase safety, improve business continuity, and simplify administrative management.

SA-Announce platform

We needed a notification solution that directly tied into our Call Manager to send notifications to IP phones, as well as Atlas IP speakers and clocks located throughout the building. Syn-Apps' SA-Announce exceeded our requirements.

Julius Blakeny, Technology Manager, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

We are very happy with SA-Announce. We have SA-Announce tied into our panic button system so that if a panic button is pushed within City Hall, an alert is sent to all phones in City Hall, computers in Dispatch, and MDCs in all squad cars.

Joseph Wenninger, Information Sytems Director, City of Neenah

We’ve being using SA-Announce for five years. We use it for several things, primarily, everyday paging to endpoints across multiple locations, such as all office phones and warehouses, emergency announcements, and most recently, for scheduled pages to signal breaks.

Craig Ponto, Network Administrator, Zero-Zone