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Notification Solutions for K-12 & Higher Ed

Syn-Apps’ Revolution Emergency Mass Notification Platform enhances physical security and improves day-to-day communication by providing a unified solution for bell schedules, mass notifications, one-touch lockdowns, desktop and mobile alerts, live and pre-recorded announcements, automatic weather alerts, and more – all leveraging your existing network infrastructure.


K-12 Use Cases

School Intruder - Alert students and faculty of intruder(s) on premise and provide critical safety instructions

Weather Emergencies - Alert students, faculty, and parents of weather emergencies and school closures

School Lockdown - Discretely alert students and faculty of school lockdowns with detailed safety procedures

Hazardous Conditions Detected - Connect smart-building devices with Syn-Apps' Revolution and patented Paging Relay to activate notifications when hazardous conditions are identified, like smoke or chemical spills

Hands-Free Communication - Faculty and students can initiate and respond using two-way intercoms located in classrooms or hallways


Higher Education Use Cases

Campus Lockdown – Immediately lock campus doors, activate notifications to students and faculty, and alert campus security in the event of a lockdown

Hallway Motion Detected - Connect smart-building devices with Syn-Apps' Revolution and patented Paging Relay to activate notifications when motion has been detection after hours

Weather Emergencies – Alert students and staff of weather emergencies with notifications direct from NOAA. Instantly dispatch school delay and closure notifications at the touch of a button!

Call Monitoring – Monitor and record all incoming and outgoing calls across campus. Know the dialed source location for outgoing calls alerts when specified criteria is met, like dialing 911 calls

Keep students, faculty, and parents safe and informed before, during, and after situations occur. Revolution's unmatched scalability can notify people located in one location or scale to simultaneously alert thousands of people located across multiple locations, such as a K-12 district or satellite campuses.

Education customers looking to purchase Syn-Apps' solutions from a state procurement vehicle can visit our State Contracts webpage to find procurement sources available in their state.

  • Instantly notify students, teachers, parents, common areas, on and off-campus housing of an emergency via IP phones, mobile phones, SMS, overhead speakers, beacons, and classroom phones
  • Issue Code Red alerts at one site or across your entire district or campus
  • Activate pre-recorded or live alerts to provide instructions during a campus lockdown or building evacuation
  • Immediately notify all or a specific set of classrooms via phone, intercom, or computer
  • Notify students and staff of school closures or delays with Weather Alerts direct from NOAA
  • Connect panic buttons in classrooms and offices to instantly notify campus security and enable discreet event monitoring
  • Immediately notify Campus Security when 911 or any other specific number is dialed
  • Deliver AMBER Alerts containing pertinent child abduction information
  • Know the precise location of all inbound and outbound calls within your campus network. Alert personnel when malicious calls or specific numbers are dialed
  • Integrate with beacons, analog systems, and digital signage displays
  • Integrate smart-building systems to detect unauthorized building entry, theft, fire, and other events to ensure quick and efficient response
  • Streamline disparate systems across your campus with a single, point-of-activation notification management platform powered by Syn-Apps
  • Consolidate bells, clocks, and PA systems leveraging the network for improved efficiency, time and cost savings
  • Page all faculty, specific departments, or target specific faculty via Revolution notifications delivered to IP phones, intercom, mobile devices, desktop computers, and more
  • Instantly engage in ad-hoc conference calls with a single-button push to connect faculty or security personnel
  • Select from a host of IP-based speakers and clocks with one-way broadcast or two-way talk and listen capabilities
  • Consolidate your network and leverage existing infrastructure by integrating analog systems with IP speakers and phones
  • Simultaneously send notifications across all campus buildings, including satellite campuses via the unicast-to-multicast conversion from Syn-Apps’ Paging Relay
  • Customize and schedule bell tones, control delivery times, and tone volume
  • Pre-record, schedule and play, or instantly record and play ad-hoc communication
  • Stream background music for lobbies, offices, and common-areas like cafeterias and hallways with Syn-Apps' Paging Relay
  • Target one, many, or all zones and endpoints across your campus

Yes, we're multi-platform.

Syn-Apps is proud to support its next-generation notification platform, Revolution, on a variety of UC systems - because communication should be easy. Whether alerting one individual of an isolated situation, or thousands of people of an emergency, we understand that reliable communication is critical to your organization. Regardless of your communication system today, Syn-Apps will be there to support your notification needs tomorrow. Select your VoIP system below to learn how Revolution can be utilized in your environment.


  • Supports customers running Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office
  • Deliver audio/visual notifications to Avaya 9600 and 96x1 Series Phones
  • Integration Protocol – SIP


  • Preferred Solution Partner since 2001
  • Supports customers running CUCM 3.x and greater
  • Deliver audio/visual notifications to over 40+ Phone Models
  • Integration Protocol – SIP

Mitel /

  • TechConnect Member since 2009
  • Supports customers running Mitel Connect on-premise & hybrid & ShoreTel Director 9.x and above
  • Deliver audio/visual notifications to PAPI-enabled ShoreTel phones
  • Integration Protocol - SIP


  • Supports customers running SIP Call Control Managers: 3CX, Asterisk, BroadSoft BroadWorks©, Jive, & Mitel
  • Deliver audio/visual notifications to multicast-enabled SIP Phones
  • Compatible with SIP PBX Phones: Polycom, SNOM, Mitel, & Yealink
  • Integration Protocol - SIP

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Featured Case Study | Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School came to Syn-Apps in 2013 after evaluating notification solutions with their telephony reseller. Léman Manhattan’s Technology Manager, Julius Blakeny, explained their Lower School needed a unified notification solution to tie existing infrastructure together to meet their emergency communication and safety initiatives.

“We needed a [notification] solution that directly tied into our Call Manager to send notifications to IP phones, as well as Atlas IP speakers and clocks located throughout the building. Syn-Apps exceeded our requirements,” Blakeny explained.

Read the full case study:


Learn how other customers leverage Syn-Apps' solutions to solve their communication needs:



We needed a notification solution that directly tied into our Call Manager to send notifications to IP phones, as well as Atlas IP speakers and clocks located throughout the building. Syn-Apps' SA-Announce exceeded our requirements.

Julius Blakeny, Technology Manager, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

Their unmatched connectivity to the ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform, combined with their excellent Sales and Support team is a perfect fit for Menlo School.

Eric DeStefano, Network Manager, Menlo School

Lake Michigan College is very happy with our Syn-Apps system. We're currently looking into using the same pre-configured alerts to also trigger existing notification systems the school also uses.

Roger Shupert, Operations Manager of IT, Lake Michigan College

Syn-Apps was chosen for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, their out of-the-box features matched our initial project needs. Other customers had been using their products for a while and we received great reviews about their level of support and capability for integration. The 3rd-party integrations were a major factor in putting them above their competitors.

Community College Customer

I would personally recommend the Syn-Apps paging and intercom solution [SA-Announce] to any school wanting to install new, replace older systems or add more capabilities. The support I have received from the company has been outstanding.

Tim Gau, Director of Technology, Ballinger Independent School District