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Syn-Apps’ Revolution Notification Platform leverages Avaya, BroadSoft, Cisco, ShoreTel/Mitel, and SIP PBX systems to provide a secure and efficient environment for plant workers, visitors, and supervisors. Our solution enhances physical security while improving day-to-day communication through advanced alerting, bell tones, scheduled announcements, intercoms, and clocks – all leveraging your existing network infrastructure.

Industrial & Manufacturing Notification Solutions

Scalable solutions for routine and emergency communication across industrial warehouses and manufacturing plants with solutions powered by Syn-Apps.

Common Use Cases:

Effective Communication – Get your employees attention by notifying multiple devices with audio/visual alerts - simultaneously - delivered to IP phones, mobile devices, overhead speakers, strobes, alarms, desktop computers, instant messaging clients, and more from Revolution

Emergency Alerting & Mass Notification – Keep personnel on- and off-premise informed and protected with Revolution. Rapidly communicate situation status, evacuation procedures, contingency plans, and other pertinent information when critical situations strike

Smart Building Detection – and notify supervisors detect improper building entry, motion detected, unauthorized presence, theft, fire, hazardous fumes, and more. Integrate strobes, beacons, fire alarms, and more to ensure targeted personnel are notified and actions are taken quickly

Efficient Processes & Incident Response – Speed up delivery and loading times with sensors that alert personnel when shipments arrive, inventory shelves are low, or when production lines are halted. Respond to injury-related incidents quicker. Notify supervisors when panic buttons are activated, fire alarms are pulled, medical stations are being used, and more with Syn-Apps' Revolution software and patented Paging Relay device.


  • Instantly notify employees both on and off-premise of emergency situations via IP Phones, Cell Phone, Overhead Speakers, Beacons, Mobile Notifications, and more
  • Activate pre-recorded or live audio to provide instructions during building lockdowns or evacuations
  • Alert employees and visitors of Severe Weather emergencies. Announce pertinent information such as where to seek shelter or evacuation procedures
  • Connect panic buttons to instantly notify building security or local authorities, enable discreet monitoring, and even record on-going situations
  • Integrate with beacons, analog systems, and video displays
  • Immediately notify First Responders when 911 or any other specific number is dialed from within the building
  • Instantly inform of Weather Alerts on select phones, speakers, or video displays on or off-campus
  • Integrate smart building systems to detect improper entry, theft, fire, and other events to ensure quick and efficient response
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and deliver notifications to beacons, analog systems, and digital signage displays
  • Schedule automatic employee break / shift bells via Revolution's native scheduling tool
  • Simplify in-building paging processes with Revolution notification software
  • Integrate analog phones and paging systems with IP speakers and disparate endpoints to create a simplified notification management platform
  • Consolidate bells, clocks, and PA systems leveraging the network for improved efficiency, time and cost savings
  • Instantly find personnel and engage in ad-hoc conference calls with a single-button push
  • Select from a host of IP-based speakers and clocks with one-way broadcast or two-way talk and listen capabilities
  • Track and report incoming and outgoing calls across your network using CallAlert - Employees can instantly hit record, at any time during the call, and obtain the entire call history – from beginning to end – a simple and secure call-monitoring method
  • Hold employees accountable with CallReplay's call recording software used to improve quality assurance, customer service, and training programs
  • Pre-record, schedule and play, or instantly record and play ad-hoc communications.
  • Quickly search for contacts within your department, outside your department, and even outside of your network using App-Pendix global directory software
  • Target one, many, or all zones and endpoints.

Yes, we're multi-platform.

Syn-Apps is proud to support its notification solutions on a variety of UC systems - because communication should be easy. Whether alerting one individual of an isolated situation, or thousands of people of an emergency, we understand that reliable communication is critical to your organization. Regardless of your communication system today, Syn-Apps will be there to support your notification needs tomorrow. Select your PBX communication system below to learn how Syn-Apps can be utilized in your environment.

Avaya Alert


  • Supports Avaya IP Office and Aura
  • Deliver audio/visual notifications to Avaya 9600 and 96x1 Series Phones
  • Integration Protocol – SIP


  • Preferred Solution Partner since 2001
  • Supports customers running CUCM 7.x and greater
  • Deliver audio/visual notifications to over 40+ phone models
  • Integration Protocol – SIP

Mitel /

  • TechConnect Member since 2009: Technology Alliance Partner
  • Supports customers running Mitel Connect (on-prem & hybrid), & ShoreTel Director 9.x and greater
  • Deliver audio/visual notifications to PAPI-enabled ShoreTel phones
  • Integration Protocol - SIP


  • Supports SIP Call Control Managers: 3CX, Asterisk, BroadSoft, Jive, & Mitel
  • Deliver notifications to multicast-enabled SIP Phones
  • Compatible with SIP PBX Phones: Aastra, Mitel, Polycom, SNOM, & Yealink
  • Integration Protocol - SIP

We’ve being using SA-Announce for five years. We use it for several things, primarily, everyday paging to endpoints across multiple locations, such as all office phones and warehouses, emergency announcements, and most recently, for scheduled pages to signal breaks.

Craig Ponto, Network Administrator, Zero Zone



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