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Syn-Apps Welcomes Advanced Network Devices to its Certified Endpoint Partner Program

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Portland, OR April 18, 2018 — Syn-Apps LLC, a pioneer in emergency mass notification solutions, welcomes Advanced Network Devices (AND) to its Certified Endpoint Partner Program today. Advanced Network Devices is an early developer of US made PoE IP display and non-display devices that act as endpoints for mass notification systems.

Syn-Apps’ Certified Endpoint Partner Program expands channel reseller’s product portfolios by providing customers a trusted mass notification solution, complete with plug-and-play integration between Syn-Apps’ software and certified AND endpoints. The Program helps to facilitate innovation and growth between Syn-Apps and IoT hardware manufacturers while providing mutual customers with true freedom of choice.

AND has successfully completed interoperability testing between Syn-Apps’ Revolution Notification Platform and AND’s full line of display and non-display IP speakers. The API also provides backwards-compatibility between certified AND devices and Syn-Apps’ legacy notification software, SA-Announce.

 “Syn-Apps has been a valued and trusted partner of AND for quite some time. We’re truly excited to attain Certified Endpoint Partner Program status as it not only reinforces our partnership, but also reaffirms our commitment to jointly offering customers leading edge solutions that easily install and flawlessly operate,” said Abel Juarez, Director of Sales & Marketing for Advanced Network Devices.

“Syn-Apps is excited to welcome AND to our Certified Endpoint Partner Program. AND has a long lineage of excellence in the audio/visual communication space and we are excited to have them in the family. We believe our mutual customers will benefit from the superior quality of AND’s products and the first-class service they provide. Native plug-and-play integration providing seamless out-of-the-box functionality is the cornerstone of Syn-Apps’ Certified Endpoint Partner Program and all AND devices have been tested and certified, providing mutual customers a guaranteed outcome when leveraging Revolution and AND certified endpoints to serve all of their notification needs,” said Ian Pitts, President and CEO of Syn-Apps LLC.

Manufacturers participate in the program by integrating Syn-Apps’ API and testing their hardware for interoperability with Syn-Apps’ notification software. Use of the API is free of charge to IoT endpoint manufacturers and carries a small fee for mass notification providers that integrate Syn-Apps’ API into their own solutions; allowing them to leverage the growing ecosystem of Syn-Apps’ certified IoT devices.

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About Advanced Network Devices

Advanced Network Devices provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP devices for mass notification systems, including bright, flicker-free, multi-color displays and crisp, clear speakers. Equipped with a rich engineering pool and sophisticated technological expertise, AND has produced best-in-class IP communication endpoints for the education, healthcare, government, and defense industries since 2004.
Advanced Network Devices - Certified Syn-Apps Partner

About Syn-Apps LLC

Syn-Apps is a leader in paging and mass notification solutions designed to improve business processes, increase safety, and streamline internal and external communication. Since 2001, thousands of organizations have integrated Syn-Apps’ notification solutions with phones, paging systems, IP speakers, and hundreds of other internal systems and services.