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How Syn-Apps is Making a Difference in Healthcare

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Rochelle Community Hospital has used Syn-Apps’ SA-Announce and CallAlert software since 2012 to enhance network communications.

According to Chris Powell, Information Systems Technician for Rochelle Community Hospital, the facility chose Syn-Apps after receiving a recommendation from OneNeck IT Solutions. “After reviewing the product[s], we determined it would definitely fill our needs where Cisco CallManager fell short,” stated Powell.

According to Powell, the hospital uses SA-Announce to integrate their overhead notification systems with their Cisco VoIP phones. The integration allows personnel to easily send notifications and alerts to users in their network. “Being in healthcare, we have certain codes that need to be announced from time to time. This is used to alert people in areas that don’t have overhead speakers, such as off-site clinics,” stated Powell.

In addition to SA-Announce, Rochelle Community Hospital uses CallAlert, Syn-Apps’ call notification software. The hospital uses CallAlert to monitor 911 calls and various call activities on their network. “Some members of our organization need to be alerted when a certain number is called, so this allows us to easily notify that person. It always allows us to track numbers for diagnosing issues users may have,” stated Powell.

We have been a very happy customer for about two years now. The installation was super easy and straight-forward. We have hardly had any issues, but when we have, they have been minor, and Support has been a dream to work with. They have been very quick to respond and always know the answer I’m looking for. The website is very easy to navigate and is very intuitive.  Even our less tech-savvy users can navigate it! – Chris Powell, Information Systems Technician, Rochelle Community Hospital

Many healthcare facilities recognize the need to invest in new technology to improve safety standards but are often faced with the dilemma of replacing outdated systems due to the incompatibility with new technology. As a result, Syn-Apps has helped thousands of organizations leverage their existing investments by offering enhanced paging and notification solutions compatible with existing infrastructure.

Our goal is to improve an organizations’ physical security and day-to-day communication by offering advanced notification systems with emergency response capabilities. SA-Announce provides customers the ability to do this and much more by creating a platform that provides seamless communication to and from any location.

Typical Healthcare Solutions:

  • Notify faculty or families of critical events via speakers, phones, text, SMS, and more.
  • Deliver custom nurse call notifications including one or two-way communication via bedside phones, intercoms, or tablets using the Nurse Call Notifier.
  • Integrate analog phones and paging systems with IP speakers and endpoints to create a single notification management portal.
  • Broadcast pre-recorded or live emergency or non-emergency instructions. This is especially useful to announce visitor hours, and notify faculty such as nurses, doctors, janitorial staff, or other personnel when their assistance is needed.
  • Remotely monitor IP-based devices and send notifications to personnel according to specified user-defined criteria using Syn-Apps’ CallAlert.
  • Target single or multiple zones on your network using unlimited SA-Announce groups. This is useful for messaging specific floors, patient rooms, or entire buildings.
  • Broadcast background music, trigger contact closures, or enable unicast-to-multicast conversion using the Syn-Apps Paging Relay.
  • Communicate to supported intercom devices. Personnel can use the two-way communication group types to converse between private offices, reception desks, or patient rooms. SA-Announce includes a full-duplex feature, which allows talkback functionality between IP phones and speakers.

About Syn-Apps LLC :

Syn-Apps brings unified communication-based emergency and non-emergency notification solutions to organizations around the globe. Education, Healthcare, Retail, and Corporate entities use Syn-Apps for advanced critical communication, paging, marketing, and 911 alerting. Syn-Apps also provides call recording and reporting to address compliance requirements. Founded in 2001 and based in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area, Syn-Apps has enjoyed strong growth and has received numerous industry awards. For more information, please visit or call 1-866-664-6071.