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2018.1 Revolution Software Release Notes

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New Features and Enhancements


  • Sites completed – With this release, we’ve fully implemented the work for our new Sites feature. Sites can now be assigned to triggers (including Mobile triggers), scheduler calendars, endpoints, contacts, and tags. And, each site can be assigned its own Mobile Assistance Button. Multi-site organizations can assign sites at every level in Revolution. Note: Sites are not assigned to Notifiers, but to the endpoints created by the Notifiers. There’s no change to workflows for single-site organizations.


  • Contact Self-Management Portal – Customers can now let both internal personnel and external people manage their own contact information and decide how they want to receive notifications from Revolution. End users (internal and external) are sent an invitation to create a Portal account. The invitation can include an invitation to register their mobile devices, which happens after a Portal account is created. (The Mobile app is not required in order for contacts to receive notifications. They can be received via email and SMS messages.)
    Contact Self Management Portal
  • Response Options – Notifications can now include response options (polls), including notifications sent to contacts via the Mobile app. (Response options are not yet implemented for Email and SMS). Responses are displayed on the Sent Notifications Detail page. There’s a new Response column and a new stats area at the top of the page when response options are included with a notification.

Custom Confirmation Responses

Important Changes:


  • Email Notifier is no longer required in order to send mobile invitations to contacts. The ‘send mobile invite’ link has been removed from the Contacts page. All invitations are sent from the new Contacts > Invitations tab.


  • Support for Custom Full-Screen Images – Customers can upload custom-designed, full-screen images and then assign them to notifications for use with all image-capable phone* endpoints or Revolution Desktop Client applications for Mac of PC operating systems.
    *Note: Cisco DX-650 phone models don’t support this feature.


  • ADA Compliance – The Revolution user interface now conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA.


  • Customer-Facing Revolution API – This initial API release contains limited configuration and activation API support.


  • Changes to Continuous Mode Notifications – When a continuous mode notification includes an opening tone and/or closing tone, the tone is played just once at the beginning of the notification followed by the closing tone when the notification is stopped. So continuous mode now works the same as multi-iteration. Notifications that include contact methods (Mobile, email, SMS, etc.) are sent just once so email and text messages are not flooded.
    Previous behavior: opening tone – message – closing tone….opening tone – message – closing tone…opening tone – message – closing tone…..
    New behavior: opening tone – message…..message…..message – closing tone
    For continuous mode: opening tone – message…..message…..message…..repeat until message is stopped – closing tone


  • Recorded Notifications in Continuous Mode – These can now be stopped by dialing the line number used to trigger the notification, wait for the instructions, and then press asterisk (*).


  • Bulk Edit for Endpoints and Contacts – This functionality has been added to streamline maintaining endpoints and contacts. When you click Edit on the Configuration > Endpoints or Contacts page, you can bulk delete endpoints or contacts. You can also assign sites to multiple endpoints or contacts at once.


  • Ability to Modify an Individual Event in a Series – An individual event within a series can be modified to handle days when a customer’s schedule changes.


  • Email Notifications Now Include Audio Included with Notifications – When a notification with audio attached is sent to contacts via email, the audio is now included. Live broadcast notifications are recorded and attached to the email. Note, however, that these recordings are not saved in Revolution.


  • Default Volume Option – There is now a default volume option in the Notification > Message Details section. When enabled, audio sent with a notification uses the receiving device’s volume setting instead of setting a volume level in the notification.


  • Font Colors – You can now select a color to use for notification title and body. Devices that don’t support this command continue to use the device’s default color.


  • Intercom Notification Usability Improvement – For Two-Way and Direct Two-Way notification types, in the Select Endpoints & Contacts section, only the Endpoints tab now displays to select the two intercom endpoints.


  • Offline Upgrades – Revolution upgrade path is now supported for offline installations, instead of having to do a fresh install.


Phone Specific Enhancements


  • Support for communicating to Cisco phones using SSL – Customers can now use SSL to communicate securely to Cisco phones.


  • CUCM DND Support – Cisco Notifier now respects Do Not Disturb mode for lower priority alerts.


  • Polycom audio can now be forwarded across unicast networks – Polycom is now compatible with Syn-Apps’ Paging Relay so audio can be forwarded to Polycom phones.